Personal Growth and Redecision Centre

Address: 83 Mill Street, Georgetown, Ontario L7G 5E9
Phone: 905-877-2765
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The Centre offers a Course in Wellness for Women

This course of 10 individual one-hour sessions emphasizes a practical approach to enable women to change those thoughts and behaviour that are no longer constructive in their pursuit of Wellness. In learning to be more fully herSelf she will become more autonomous in her way of being in the world. Her energy will no longer be centred on ‘pleasing’ others to the detriment of her own Self in order to be loved and accepted.

Linda S. Berry B.A. M.S.W.
Therese Haverty Cleary B.A. S.S.W.

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Moments in History

This is the location of the second brick house in Georgetown which was demolished in the early 1980's. It was built by George Kennedy for his son. The building was later used as the Georgetown Police Headquarters. Kennedy's own house stood on a lot just across the street.


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Georgetown Central B.I.A.
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Georgetown ON
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