Thermography Clinic of Halton Region

Address: 112 Main Street South, Georgetown, Ontario L7G 3G5
Phone: 905-873-5773

We educate and coach men & women with their chronic health challenges.

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We educate and coach men & women with their chronic health challenges.

We offer Breast Screening in the form of Breast Thermography which is applicable to all women, especially the group between 45 and 50 and for those that have dense, fibrocystic breast or implants. It is a completely safe, non-invasive screening method that has been proven to be effective.

- Breast Infrared Thermography is 100% safe
- Absolutely no Radiation and no compression
- Thermography is a measurement of Function (and inflamation)
- An early warning system
- Helps to monitor breast health

Moments in History

This building is located on the south-east corner of lot 6 of the Young & Barber Survey Plan. In 1849, the lot was purchased from the original, registered owner, Mr. Pratt by George Kennedy. The Georgetown Map of 1854 indicated that a building was present on the south-west corner of the lot with a smaller, possibly residential building behind. In 1862, Kennedy sold part of the lot to Robert Maw, retaining the north-east corner for himself. In 1869, the Maw property was partitioned and sold to William Roe, A. Campbell and Richard Redding.

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Opening hours (GMT )

09:00 AM - 02:00 PM
09:00 AM - 02:00 PM
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Georgetown Central B.I.A.
Unit A – 8 James St
Georgetown ON
L7G 2H3

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