Lifestyle Family Chiropractic & Wellness Group

Address: 2 Guelph Street, Georgetown, Ontario L7G 3Y9
Phone: 905-873-3113
Fax: 905-873-2718
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At Lifestyle Family Chiropractic & Wellness Group, a wellness based office, Dr. Jennifer McLauchlan offers Chiropractic care by practictioners in Naturopathic care, Dr. Jennifer Fitzgerald Eagan N.D., Registered Massage Therapy, orthotics and Energy Medicine (Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique).

We are a wellness based chiropractic office, specializing in family care. The office is situated in a century home at the gateway to Georgetown. It provides a warm homey environment in which your health will be nurtured.

Business Hours

Monday, Tuesday Thursday – 8am to 12pm and 3pm to 6:30pm

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Georgetown Central B.I.A.
Unit A – 8 James St
Georgetown ON
L7G 2H3

905 873 4970